Frequently Asked Questions | Bianco Evento

  • Are all your products available in your stock?

    Yes, all our products are fully stocked up in our warehouses which helps us to ensure that your order is dispatched swiftly, usually the same day if you are placing the order before 2pm, and reaches you at the earliest. If on the very rare occasion we run out of stock on a certain product and have to wait on the re-order delivery, we will provide you with a practical estimation of time frame for restocking.

  • Is there any limit on the minimum quantity I can purchase from you?

    Not at all. It depends on your preference or requirement. You can even buy less than a metre from us.

  • If I request a replacement, how long will it take for me to receive the replaced item?

    We make it a priority to dispatch all orders received before 2pm on the same day. Thereafter, the goods are transported via renowned courier and mail services who guarantee delivery by the next working day. Do note that a signature might be required for the delivery.

  • Is it possible to purchase your products from overseas?

    Absolutely! We are happy to deliver to countries outside the UK. You can browse our products and place your order via this website. You may be required to pay a provisional shipping charge, which we will check and confirm before you make the final payment. 

  • Do you provide samples for me to check before I place my order?

    Yes we do! Whether it is lace, fabric, trims or appliques that you need to take a look at before placing your order, we will be happy to provide you with it. Do note that we do not send over samples of bodices or crystal motifs as of yet.

  • How do the samples of your fabrics/laces look?

    Our samples are usually small swatches that enable you to check the colour, detail, quality and feel of the fabric before you order it.

  • How many samples can I order at once? Also, do I need to pay for the samples you send?

    You can order as many as you want. The first two samples are free, after which we will charge you a nominal amount to cover our shipping expenses.
    In case, you are thinking of ordering a large number of samples for your customers to browse through and choose from, we would suggest you go for our sample book of laces, trims and fabrics instead.­ It definitely is a more convenient and professional way to give your clients a glimpse of the range of products you have. You can buy these sample books in bulk or can pick and choose as per your liking.  

  • How long will it take for the samples to reach me?

    We aim for the samples to reach you the very same day of receipt of order, or at the most, the next day. Overseas orders may take longer to get delivered.

  • Is it possible for me to visit your shop and purchase the products directly?

    Bianco Evento doesn’t have a separate shop for fabrics and trims. But you are most welcome to visit one of our stores and browse through our products including fabrics, gowns, dresses, accessories and more. You can find the store nearest to you via our store locator.

  • Do you store my personal and card details?

    It is not in our policy to store personal and financial details of our customers, including credit cards. For further information, please go through our Privacy Policy.

  • Can I return a product?

    We will take back full pieces in perfect condition within 14 days of order and initiate a full refund. You can return part rolls as well but will be needed to pay a 20% administration charge.Cut rolls can be returned too but you will be needed to pay a 50% administration charge. Usually, our customers are required to pay for the carriage for returns. 

  • What are ‘cut rolls’ or ‘cut length’?

    As stated above, we have no set specification for how much fabric you can purchase from us. We usually offer our fabrics in complete rolls, but are also happy to let you specify shorter lengths, albeit at a slightly higher charge.The fabric that is cut from the roll as per our requirement is known as ‘cut roll’ or ‘cut length’.

  • Do you provide coloured laces?

    Besides having a wide variety of coloured laces in our collection, we also dye laces as per orders. 

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